Film Analysis Essay Assignment Paper

Film Analysis
                        Film Analysis

Film Analysis

There are two movies that are chosen to write about. Please read this below and the pictures about the prompt in the files i attached carefully!!!! Thanks so much.

TV show# The Green Hornet(1966)
1.What is about?
It’s a very old personal hero idea series. It’s talk about Green Hornet fight with bad guys and saves the city.
2.What themes from this show are you interested in analyzing ?
The reason why The Green Hornet failed.
Unfortunately, this series in the United States failed to succeed. By investigation, the reason may be related to the character modelling is not enough to please. The green hornet only got black suit with a black patch. He lacks the characters like the hero in American comic book heroes, such as superman, batman, Spiderman. All of them have distinct image. However, The Green Hornet more like secretly bandits than outlaw hero, plus their action, mind and skills. They are not outstanding, everyone is ego inflation in the United States in the 60s , such characters is doomed to failure.
3. .What scene could you analyze in relation to these themes/ topics.
In a fight with Bruce lee’s who is the sidekick of green hornet, it’s clear what sets him apart from other superheroes. Although Bruce lee’s kung fu is very good, but he does not have any super power, He can’t stimulate the brain of the audience in a moment. Coupled with the cliched story, this shows can’t attract the attention of the audience.

TV show# The flash
1.What is about?
The revenge of flash. He want to know who killed his parent and the reason. The growth of a boy to a real hero.
2.How does it relate to show#1
Both of them are super hero series, and the destination of both hero is to save their country. But the difference is that the former did not succeed, while the latter gained success and a large number of fans.
3.How does it speak to the socio-historical moment in which it was produced ?
With the continuous progress of the society,
more and more high technologies come into being.
Nowadays, the audience is no longer curious about the setting of history, they are more curious about the future, what they do not know, and the imagined world.

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