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Financial Analysis
                            Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

Select 2 well known, publicly-traded companies that compete in the same industry. Go to At the top of the page, in the middle, start to enter one of the companies names in the box just before “Quote”. As you start to type the company name a list of potential selections will pop up. Keep typing until you see the company you are looking for and then select it and hit the “Quote” button.

Once you enter the company name or symbol, scroll down to the bottom, right of the page and locate the “Filings” section, and select “Financials”. You can then pull up a copy of the most recent annual report. Then, you will want to select the “10-K”, and look for the “Table of Contents” to locate the selected financial data or financial statements. Or, if you have gone directly through the company website, repeat that process.

You will need to then locate the Item 8, the section that contains the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows and the accompanying notes to answer the below questions.
Financial Analysis

Name of Company 1

Name of Company 2

Date of the Financials

Who was the auditor and what was their opinion

Total Assets (in $)

Total Current Assets (in $)

Total Long-term Assets (in $)

Title of Largest $ value Current Asset

Amount of Largest value Current Asset

Title of Largest $ value Noncurrent Asset

Amount of Largest value Noncurrent Asset

Inventory Evaluation Method Used

Total Accounts Receivable (in $)

Allowance of Doubtful Accounts (in $)

Depreciation Method Used

Total Liabilities (in $)

Total Current Liabilities (in $)

Total Noncurrent Liabilities (in $)

Title of Largest $ value Current Liability

Amount of Largest value Current Liability

Title of Largest $ value Noncurrent Liability

Amount of Largest value Noncurrent Liability

# of shares of common stock outstanding

Par Value of Common Stock

Amount of last dividend paid

Amount of Retained Earnings

Any preferred or treasury stock? If so, which and how much

Repeat above for the 2nd company.

Then, please review the Management Discussion and Analysis and the accompanying notes to the financial statements. Tell us about any changes in accounting principles, any contingency liabilities or other notable items from the MD&A or notes that are interesting or important. Compare the two results to see which company appears to have a stronger financial position based on your research. Which company would you prefer to invest in? Please share with us your results, reasoning, and analysis.

Also, no attachments, please! It takes too long to review them all and compare to the comments. Just copy and paste your work into the discussion board. Then, please respond meaningfully to at least two other comments made by other students.

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