Flirting with Disaster Movie Essay Paper

Flirting with Disaster
    Flirting with Disaster

Flirting with Disaster

Example graded rubric for “Flirting with Disaster…” on pg. 326 in Writing Arguments Comments for Improvement: -Follow the Classical Organization Structure for more clear flow of ideas-Entire passages had no apparent research/in-text citations-Use quotation sandwich to integrate quotes-Be clear who is audience, what they need to do—avoid introducing it at the end, explore solution more Criterion Superior Avg Inferior 1 Title & Intro. Paragraph Title and introductory paragraphs identify topic and engage; gives background on issue (14) 1310 Title and introductory paragraphs are vague or misleading 2 Audience Awareness/ Pathos Tone, style, content and structure are consistently tailored to audience (14) 11 what about the female audience?10 Tone, style, content and structure are not consistently tailored to audience

3 Conclusion provides effective closure; no new information introduced (14) 1210 Conclusion doesn’t provide closure 4 Thesis Clarity :Thesis is clearly stated & supported (at least 3 supporting reasons) (14)10 Thesis is unclearly stated or implied 5 Ethos Personal experiences are proportionate; Counterargument fairly addressed (14)10 Personal experiences are not consistently relevant or proportionate; weak authorial credibility 6 Critical Thinking/ Logos Evidence, claims, and conclusions are effectively analyzed & evaluated (14) 1110 Evidence, claims, and conclusions are ineffectively analyzed and evaluated 7 Structure Overall organization is purposeful; Appropriate structure employed (14)10 Overall organization is unclear, unfocused AND disjointed; redundancy is a problem 8 Sources Sources are credible, relevant, and timely; there are at least 6 (14) 10 Sources are not credible, not sufficient 9 Source Integration Sources are integrated effectively with quotes as well as summary (16)(quotation sandwich)12 Sources are missing, dropped in, AND ineffectively integrated 10 In-text Citation Parenthetical citation is present and MLA-style formatting is accurate (14)10 Parenthetical citation is missing or serious problems evident with MLA-style formatting 11 Works Cited Page Works Cited page is present and MLA-style formatting is accurate (14)10 Works Cited page is missing or serious problems evident with MLA-style formatting 12 Grammar/ Format Grammar, punctuation, and spelling follow standard usage; Correct MLA formatting (14) 12 heading 10 Grammar, punctuation, and spelling don’t consistently follow standard usage 13 Paragraph Development Paragraphs are consistently unified, coherent, and well-developed (14)10 Paragraphs are not consistently unified, coherent, or well-developed 14 Transitions Effective transitions are provided where appropriate (16) 1312 Transitions are missing or consistently weak TOTAL: 178/200 A-

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