Functional Evaluation Interview Essay Paper

Functional Evaluation Interview Essay Paper This semester you will interview an elderly person in his/her home or apartment to evaluate his/her health and well-being and to suggest appropriate holistic nursing interventions that may help him/ her life in the home environment for as long as possible.

Functional Evaluation Interview Essay Paper

A functional evaluation or assessment focuses on the person, not the illness or disability, in order to evaluate activities of daily living (ADLs), promote healthy emotional and social choices, and to assist with his/her adaptation to change or loss, including loss of independence or death.

Functional Evaluation Interview Essay Paper
Functional Evaluation Interview Essay Paper

As you study in your text, Caring for Older Adults Holistically, you will learn about a variety of evaluative tools to assist you during the interview. Before you complete your evaluation, decide with your client where his/her physical dependency and emotional/social developmental needs may be. Or you may want to develop a health maintenance program that your client can follow.

Functional Evaluation Interview Essay Paper

In your 2-3 page double-spaced, written report, you must assess the unmet needs of the client. Then implement or suggest at least five appropriate nursing interventions to meet any combination of physical, psychosocial or unmet safety needs. These nursing interventions should be realistic for the client and help him/her to improve his/her quality of life and ultimately remain in his/her current environment. Please attach copies of the assessment tools you used with your report. Areas to cover in the interview:

  1. Personal data including first name, last initial; age, occupation, medical condition or diagnosis.
  2. ADL and IADLs client is able to perform at this time.
  3. Application of evaluative tools necessary in determining your client’s particular needs.

Include client scoring and possible needs determined from these scales.

Functional Evaluation Interview Essay Paper

Self-Care: Katz Index of Activities of Daily Living and the Lawtons Instrumental

Activities of Daily Living Scale

Cognition: Mini-Cog

Mood: Ysavage Geriatric Depression Scale

Psychosocial: Social Dysfunction Scale / Components of a Psychosocial Evaluation.

Safety: Guidelines for Making the Home Environment Safe

Functional Evaluation Interview Essay Paper
  1. Discussion of at least 5 nursing interventions (determined from results of any of the above testing) directly related to the client’s unmet needs and how these interventions may improve the client’s physical health or safety, and psychosocial functioning (emotional, social, or adaptive) so that he/she might live at home at his/her highest level of functioning for as long as possible.
  2. Any parts of the interview you found particularly interesting.

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