Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Current event related to finance elated to firm performance and long­-term investment decisions-this includes issues related to accounting measures, earnings announcements, long­-term assets, mergers/acquisitions, other long-­term strategy changes.

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

I would like from you before you start on my paper to give me 5 Articles, written within last year, to show it to the professor to approve it. Please, DON’T
START UNTIL SHE APPROVED THE ARTICLE FOR ME. For now, I will wait for you to send me 5 articles First, then when the professor give me the approved one, I
will tell you which article to use.
In addition, I will attach the assignment instructions. After telling you what the article will be, the paper should include:
1- summary
2- how this article is related to chapters 10, or 11 of our textbook.
3- propt question about the article.
note: the textbook that we use is:
Ross, Westerfield, and Jordan, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 10th edition with Connect Plus (alternate edition), McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2017

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