Gender roles Essay Paper Assignment

Gender roles
              Gender roles

Gender roles

After reading the six essays assigned for this unit, consider your own thoughts about gender. Then, in a 3-5 page essay, explain what to you is the major advantage and the major disadvantage of your gender (which can also be what you would change and what you would keep). You should have at least four body paragraphs explaining separate reasons for your choices.

Introduction: Describe the culture you grew up in and how it influenced how you think about gender: what you consider “normal” and conversely how normal you are. End with your thesis: your single major advantage and single major disadvantage.

Body paragraphs: Focus on the advantage/disadvantage and your reasoning.

Connections: Connect with at least three of the essays we’ve read using quotes to support your connection. For example, one connection might be the disapproval of others, which we saw in both “My Son Wears Dresses…” and “A Life in Two Genders.” Or a connection could be preferential and/or poor treatments, which we saw in both chivalry essays.

Conclusion: Wrap it up. What insights have you gained? What advice might you give to others?


• The essay should be typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 pt font.
• You should have quotes from at least three of the readings that help support your reasoning. These quotes can contrast or support or simply provide similar examples. The format for the quotes should be the “quote sandwich.”
• Use at least one dash, semicolon, and colon (correctly!)
• You should have several stamped drafts.

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