Genealogy of Jesus begins with Abraham

Genealogy of Jesus begins with Abraham
Genealogy of Jesus begins with Abraham

Genealogy of Jesus begins with Abraham:

Take one, two, three, or all four Gospels and write out three (3) things that are happening in each chapter.

So, for Matthew you would go chapter by chapter, write out three things in each of the 28 chapters. It would look something like this:

Matthew 1:

1. The Genealogy of Jesus begins with Abraham.

2. Joseph did not want to divorce Mary for being pregnant but an angel told him to anyway.

3. Jesus is born.

Matthew 2:

1. Magi from the east visit King Herod to find where Jesus is.

2, 3….etc……

That’s how I want you to do this. Note that I wrote COMPLETE SENTENCES. So don’t write, “Genealogy of Jesus” but us e a VERB to make it a sentence: “The Genealogy of Jesus begins with Abraham.”

For each Gospel that you complete (no partial credit) you will get an additional 1 point–so 4 points total of you do all four.

Now, here’s a bonus.

I will let you do the same for the book of Acts (1 point) and for 2 of Paul’s letters–Romans and 1 Corinthians (1/2 point each because they are shorter).

Now you have a total of 6 (!!) extra credit points you can earn. That means you can go from a 58% (F) to a 64% (D). Or an 89% (B+) to a 95% (A).

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