Geo problems Research Paper Assignment

Geo problems
                        Geo problems

Geo problems

1st by according video(
Using the video and graph above, answer the following questions in complete sentences:

Do the observed levels of atmospheric CO2 since 1979 fall within the “normal” range of CO2 levels from the past 800,000 years? Explain. (1-2 sentences)
If someone claimed that all of the climate changes we have observed in the last few decades are simply the beginning stage of another naturally occurring ice age, how could you use the data from this question and the previous question to refute their claim? You must cite actual numbers from the data here to support your response. (2-4 sentences).

In this lab, you found that Buffalo had a fairly large temperature anomaly for December 2016. In the map of global anomalies, you found that other places experienced even larger temperature anomalies (much cooler or much warmer than normal). Answer the following questions in the space below:

If a person doesn’t know the difference between weather and climate, and lives in an area that experienced below average temperatures 2016, would they likely be more or less concerned about climate change (hint: refer back to Question 1 of Comprehension) (1 sentence)?
If a person lives in an area that experienced above average temperatures, would they likely be more or less concerned about climate change (1 sentence)?
Why would their thinking process be incorrect in both situations (1-3 sentences).

Using your own words, summarize the evidence from this lab that supports the idea that the Earth is warming. Specifically:

Explain the difference between weather and climate, and how measurements of weather can lead to inferences about climate change (2-4 sentences).
Explain what an anomaly is (in your own words!!), and how it relates to weather and climate (2-4 sentences).

Further, address how spatial and temporal (time) variability in temperature anomalies can occur even while the general trend of globalwarming is occurring (2-4 sentences). In other words, why doesn’t the occurrence of temporal and spatial temperature variability disprove the idea of global warming?

You must give examples of specific numbers from the lab to support your answers.
This must be a well-composed response,
with complete sentences, correct grammar, and
connected flow of thoughts.

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