Global average temperatures since 1980

Global average temperatures since 1980
Global average temperatures since 1980

Global average temperatures since 1980

Global average temperatures since 1980

Write a short essay, three pages, 1.5 spaced (points may be deducted for essays longer than three pages) that clearly states where you stand on the issue of possible human-caused global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions. Make sure you read and follow all the instructions provided on this assignment page before writing your paper.

Choose one of the issues/questions listed below. Your argument should be incorporated into a concise and well-written essay, not randomly discussed. You will need to use a minimum of five reliable sources to support your argument.

1. What do you make of the measured rise in global average temperatures since 1980? Do you believe the temperature increase is a direct consequence of increased greenhouse gases or natural processes?
I would like you to try to consider the recent measured rise in global average temperature with respect to longer time scale estimates of changes in global average temperature constructed from both measured and proxy records (sea-floor sediments and ice-core studies).

2. How, if at all, does this uncertainty about the effects of increased greenhouse gases on climate change influence your views about global warming and what should be done?
Currently, we are unable to say for sure how much, if any, of the recent warming of global average temperature is due to increased greenhouse gases. We are also unable to predict precisely how climate will change in the future if we continue to add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. For the most part we rely on computer models, global climate models, to address these uncertainties.
While these models are good tools, the complexity of the climate system and our limited understanding of climate processes make it impossible for climate models to provide reliable answers or predictions.

Of course, your opinions cannot be wrong, but you must clearly state the reasons for your position and use your references to support your argument.

Your grade will be largely based on two items in the grading rubric used for your papers:
(1) Completeness & Discussion (content i.e., did you include everything covered in the instructions?) 50 marks
(2) Mechanics/Grammar & Organization (written communication, i.e., how well is your essay is written?) 50 marks

Your position should be clearly stated. The arguments or reasons that you give in support of your position should be clear and concise. You should concentrate on ideas that shape your opinion. Please do not provide both sides of each issue that you discuss. Discuss what you personally believe and why you believe it, not why someone else may disagree with you.

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