Global South Incorporation in Different Global Regions

Global South Incorporation in Different Global Regions What we call the Global South incorporates vastly different regions of the globe. It entails expanse of diverse, varied ecological, climatic zones, cultural and historical world.

Global South Incorporation in Different Global Regions
Global South Incorporation in Different Global Regions

This rich and diverse region is currently under increasing pressures by rapidly expanding neo-liberal globalization which creates environmental degradation and increased social inequalities. In addition, large human displacement has been a hallmark of the current wave of global migration. Many people flee threats to their lives from war, revolution, repression and incarceration, and development induced displacement.

Global South Incorporation in Different Global Regions Essay Requirements Description

Write a short essay of four-pages double-spaced (excluding cover page and
references) discussing how in the current phase of globalization general concerns, such as social exclusion, the protection of the environment, gender equity, reduction of violence and war can be articulated collectively. Choose one of the two questions listed below for the focus of your discussion and select at least three readings from the course kit you find relevant to substantiate your answer.
A) Imagine a model of business and discuss ways how this model can be compatible with social justice and sustainable environmental conditions.
That is, how and where ordinary people can empower themselves and create
a world they want and deserve to live in.
B) How the elite in the Global South can utilize philanthropy as a resource to mitigate social exclusion and environmental damage?

Global South Incorporation in Different Global Regions Questions and Guidelines

Helpful Guide to think through the above questions
1) Pick a specific issue in the Global South which you think needs attention to improve. This can be an issue you have already focused on for your Group
Presentation or your Research Project
2) In what ways does the current form of globalization affect the issue of social exclusion?
3) What are the positive and negative changes the current form of globalization introduces in the Global South? How do people respond to/cope with these changes?
4) Can the value/interest of the elite and the ordinary people converge to improve social-economic conditions in the Global South?
5) Substantiate your discussion by citing the three required readings of your choice from the course text.
6) Follow the instructions for essay and assignment submission.
7) Originality and Creativity will be considered for grading. *all the other instructions and sources will be in the additional files
*In the “course syllabus ” file you’ll find the required course readings and in the other file you’ll find the different themes, you are meant to pick one to guide your essay. i picked human trafficking in my previous assignment.

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