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Global Supply Chains
Global Supply Chains

Global Supply Chains

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In 2-3 pages maximum, discuss the impact (negative and positive) that regulation/deregulation has had on the growth and/or continued growth of intermodal transportation in both countries. Ensure you site specific examples in your paper. You are encouraged to use the internet and other sources to support your discussion.


Global Supply Chains


The changing requirements of global supply chains have led to the renewed focus of the intermodal freight transportation whereby, all the types of transportation freight have gone through various types of technological evolutions. During the 20th century, this technological intermodal transportation freight has been able to function separately under a regulatory modally based structure that has been of great help in the technological world (Muller, 1999). Technological intermodal transportation is driven and also challenged by four factors including policy and regulatory issues, measuring, understanding, and in the changing customer requirements the role of intermodalism is being responded to. Technological intermodalism has highly contributed in the hyper competition of supply chains in a global marketplace thus leading to quality production of the supply chains due to the competition thereof. The second factor that challenges the technological intermodal transportation is the need to have a reliable and a flexible respond to the changing customer requirements with seamless integrated fright coordination. The third factor is the knowledge of the future and the current intermodal operations options and alternatives, the challenges associated with the application together with the potential for improved communication and information. The better management of the existing infrastructure constrains and coordination of the improved infrastructure is also a factor that challenges the technological intermodal transportation.

Impact on Pricing

The continued growth of intermodal transportation has led to the increased regulations on pricing whereby, research reforms are considered to be the main barriers to the urban and the interurban road transport pricing. The marginal cost based pricing on the roads are said to fall unevenly on the population since the costs fall unevenly on the given population and the benefits are not evenly distributed. The other concern that is said to outweigh the pricing benefits in terms of efficiency is the political acceptability which mainly interferes with the pricing of the intermodal freight transportation of a given country. The scope of coverage of the pricing system is also a policy issues that interferes with the level of consumption and the pricing measures and this leads to a high degree of differentiation in different vehicles over a great period of time. The reliability of conventional prediction methods are negatively affected by the pricing complexities whose economic and equity impact remains a significant challenge. In the case of pure textbook forms pricing matters are rarely implemented (Muller, 1999).

Pricing is said to be of great importance to the social costs which are mainly the externalities by the use of the economy which is a key weapon through the provision of a capacity allocation mechanism to the pricing rate. Economy is well known to be a market based way to internalize problematic externalities at the airport, hence, being able to handle the pricing matters which may be a threat. Muller (1999) argue that, the acceptability of the road user charging scheme has been positively affected by the use of scheme and the complementary policy instruments to handle pricing matters.

Impact on Safety

There are different safety criteria which also obtained for different types intermodal transportation. Safety measures are well improved by presence of informed drivers, driver safety, fewer errors and comfort in the transportation sector. The role of policy has been emphasized and this has contributed to the improving of the safety measures in the growth of the intermodal transportation (Muller, 1999). This has helped in minimizing the number of drivers who drive under the influence of alcohol since; they are now arrested and convicted in the courts. The development of the traffic law monitoring database has been established in some countries therefore, highly contributing to the safety measures through the handling of data concerning actors related to the enforcement safety campaign.

The substantial traffic policing which is aimed at bringing safety measures is not a cheap exercise due to its high expenses. In some of the countries there are institutional barriers together with the ministries and the local authorities on the matters regarding the policy force a factor which interferes with safety measures.

Impact on Quality

Services for the people with disability are said to be inadequate with many inadequate people not being aware of complaint procedures leading to quality reduction since, the growth of intermodal transportation is interfered with. Consumers are not fully aware of their rights and responsibility and this makes to be faced with a relatively complex fare structure leading to the obtaining of low quality services in bid to regulate the growth of the intermodal transportation. On the other side the regulation of the hackney and taxi operation is inadequate causing low servicers offering to the clients who use the transportation services.

Barrier systems offer the best solution to sites where regular monitoring by the staff is not possible whereby, remote controllers are also installed in smaller car parks to improve the quality of the intermodal transportation. In the monitoring of the transportation quality, automatic number plate recognition has also been installed to view the happenings in a camera. There is the introduction of parking charging fee which is used to maintain the parking sites hence, improving their quality therefore; it has to be paid before parking a vehicle.


Muller, G. (1999). Intermodal Freight Transportation. Eno Transportation Foundation, Inc.,

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