Globalization and its discontents Assignment

Globalization and its discontents
     Globalization and its                         discontents

Globalization and its discontents – Joseph Stieglitz” applied on the Russian crisis 1998/1999

You have to read the book “Globalization and its discontents by Joseph Stieglitz” completely to write this assignment.

1. On the first page please write something about the author and the period of time he grew up and lives in so that the reader can understand in which context the author sticks to the topic

2. After that please give a summary of the book (5-6 pages)

3. Then shortly describe what the Russian crisis is (all facts about it, effects, where it comes from etc.) (1 Page)

3. In the last step please apply the content of the book on the Russian crisis 1998/1999 to explain it (5-6 pages)

It`s very important that the reader can understand the connection of the books content and the Russian crisis.

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