Gran Torino Movie Review Assignment

Gran Torino Movie Review
Gran Torino Movie Review

Gran Torino Movie Review

Watch the Gran Torino trailer (below) or the entire film. Watch Video Gran Torino – Trailer Duration: 2:31

Added by YouTube User: AlexTube95 – Added: 5/9/09 YouTube URL:

  • Identify the types of intercultural conflict shown.
  • Discuss the types of intercultural and intergroup conflicts and cultural approaches to conflict resolution.
  • What is the difference between intercultural and intergroup conflict?
  • Identify a personal or current intercultural conflict you know about or have dealt with and detail how that conflict might be resolved.

You are welcome to view the complete film: Write at least one page but no more than two. The text should be double-spaced in 12 pt font. Include any sources in APA format. Sources may include the textbook or other references, personal communications. These can be outside of the two-page limit.

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