Great Depression Christmas Miracle

Great Depression Christmas Miracle
  Great Depression Christmas Miracle

Great Depression Christmas Miracle

Project 3: Historical Fiction

In 8-10 pages, you will write a fictional story based on actual events. Consider a well-known historical event that began and ended before you were born. Conduct research on the event for clarification of dates and names of historical figures. Given what the history books say about the event, use that as a springing off point to begin your story. The idea is to hone in on one major aspect of the historical event using specific major players and giving as much detail as possible. Your topic is subject to approval. Below are specifics for each element:

Character development – You will have at least one named character in the narrative, about which you will give the audience a description, physical and otherwise, of this character. Besides the main character, there should be at least one other character. Each character should have specific identifying factors and should be distinguishable from one another.

Narration – You will move the text forward, set the story line, the setting, and move dialogue forward with narration. Narration provides context, gives detail and provides insight to the story as a whole. Your descriptive language will mostly be used in narration.

Dialogue – Characters should talk to each other. Though you may also include inner monologue, you want to have characters talk to each other. This should be punctuated correctly and have appropriate dialogue tags.

Setting – You will create a description of the setting beyond what is presented in the history books.

Story line – The narrative should move from one time to the next. A linear story line means that it begins at the beginning and moves forward to the end. A non-linear story line may not begin at the beginning and does not move to the end sequentially. Either way, the narrative should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Format Requirements

  • 12 point Times New Roman Font
  • 8-10 pages double spaced
  • Provocative title that gives insight into the story and event

Last name and page number in upper right header

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