Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad
Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad

Annotated bibliography must begin with the citation of the source in the appropriate format (Chicago style bibliographic format). Below required a paragraph of about 100-150 words (preferably around 150) that touches upon a few elements.

These elements are:
1. The TOPIC AREA or CONTEXT for research — what is/are the author(s) trying to discover and why is it important.
2. The METHODOLOGY that the author(s) followed — How did he/she/they conduct their research? What approach did he/she/they take to the topic? How did he/she/they connect the evidence or data to…
3. The CONCLUSIONS and ARGUMENTS that the author(s) made — What conclusion, arguments, and/or recommendations do(es) the author(s) come(s) to as a result of their research?

Paragraph should seek to summarize the source o part of that source that relate to your topic. Paraphrasing will be useful and necessary at times. Do not quote. It should be clear that the source has been read in question.

Annotated bibliography will be assessed according to three criteria: source quality, correctness of citations, and paragraph quality (most important).

This annotated bibliography has to do with a research proposal I have done on Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad. I will attach the document and included in it are 3 sources. This annotated bibliography must be done on a high quality source. You can choose one of the three that are already on the proposal, but if you think they aren’t good enough pertaining to the topic and proposal feel free to do it on a source which you think is better. Sources expected to be 10+ pages on the low end. In the attached proposal you will see that the paper will seek to determine how Harriet and other underground railroad activists contributed towards the end of slavery.

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