Health care is a human right Essay Paper

Health care is a human right
Health care is a human right

Health care is a human right

For this assignment, think of a current, significant cultural event or issue (examples: current U.S. immigration policy, the legality of gay marriage, national debt/budget crisis, gas prices,
healthcare reform, education reform, etc.) That interests you. Keep in mind that utilizing a current event helps you feel closer to your subject, thus making it easier to conduct research.

*You will argue a position on your topic in order to persuade your readers – to alter their perspective. You will consider what level of stasis you want to argue on; for example, definition – “health care is a human right”; evaluation-“gay marriage is wrong”; causal- immigration has had a positive effect on America”; proposal-“we should pay teachers more.”

This is a research paper; you will incorporate research that provides your readers with both
background on your topic and the evidence to support your reasoning.

•To write an argument with a convincing claim, reasons, and evidence.
•To write an argument that effectively incorporates research.
•Avoid logical fallacies
•Use logos, pathos, and ethos effectively
•To understand your readers and effectively acknowledge their views while attempting to shift their perspective.

Your paper must adhere to MLA formatting. You are also required to use parenthetical citations (to avoid plagiarism) and create a “Works Cited” page for your sources as well.

This essay will be evaluated on the following criteria:
•The strength of the argumentation including the use of ethos, pathos, and logos.
•The effective, accurate, and responsible use of your sources including documentation (citation and works cited).
•The organization of paragraphs and the essay as a whole
•Style, grammar, and mechanics

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