Health Informatics and Personalized Healthcare

Health Informatics and Personalized Healthcare
Health Informatics and                       Personalized Healthcare

Health Informatics and Personalized Healthcare

Personalized health care considers each patient’s genetic and biological profile before developing treatment plans, according to Helomics. Personalized health care technology tools, including wearable devices and DNA sequencing, help physicians assess the likelihood of patients developing diseases, detect diseases earlier, and intervene to minimize their impact.

1.Identify an e-copy of a health informatics paper( i will upload in my account)
2. Describe,in the student’s own words,what the health informatics projects does
3. Discuss the contributions that the projects makes to healthcare in terms of services and outcomes
4. Discuss issues,challenges and limitations relating the project
5. Relevance to Singapore in terms of our healthcare, socio-economic and population context.

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