Health intervention method

Health intervention method
Health intervention method

Health intervention method

Health intervention method

10.1: Coursework 1: Assessments requirements for: Health Behaviour Change Intervention (HBCI)
The assessment involves developing a theory and evidence-based intervention to address a health problem/issue of your choice. Your essay should be structured in the way similar to that of a proposal. This could include one of the following topics, although you can choose your own but need to check with ML for relevance.
• Substance misuse; smoking, alcohol or drug abuse
• Decreasing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) e.g. by promoting condom use
• Eating a healthier diet
• Taking more exercise
• Adhering to medication e.g. asthma
• Screening uptake e.g. vaccinations etc.
You need to select a theory or a theoretical construct/s to base your intervention on and provide justification for your selection using evidence from the body of knowledge in health psychology. Your intervention should consider the following issues:
• Appropriate delivery settings and select one e.g. community centre, schools, religious settings, clinics, hospitals etc.
• Your target population e.g. babies, toddlers, young /older children, youths, adults’ older adults, elderly / age, gender /culture/ disability / health status etc. and how you will ensure your intervention reaches them.
• Consider the person/people who will deliver the intervention and how they will do this and select appropriate delivery techniques and strategies, according to the literature (not what you think!)
Keeping things clear and precise will be critical to managing to achieve this and write up the justification for the decisions you have made
10.2. Assessment structure guidance
The section below aims to guide you on how to structure your HBCI proposal and outline possible contents for each section. With regards to supporting evidence you are expected to gather information from a variety of sources including academic journals and appropriate on-line resources. Do not rely solely on textbooks to source materials and information. In addition, you should ensure that your assessment does not regurgitate lecture material, but instead focuses on a more specific part of a given area, and looks at it in more depth. For example, you may want to critically evaluate the current literature on a given area e.g. obesity crisis, and suggest strategies in which health behaviour change interventions can appropriately be expanded upon by future research.

1. Title
• Encapsulate the health issue and target audience

2. Background: (1000 words approx.)
• Context to a contemporary health problem identified in your target population, e.g. why it’s important to target; could make use of statistics relating to certain health and illness issues in different geographical contexts and population groups
• Possible consequences of not addressing the health issue etc.

3. Proposed intervention and its accompanying strategies/techniques (1000 words approx.)
• Evidence identifying the proposed strategies / BCTs to tackle the health problem
• Evidence in describing the theoretical mechanisms underpinning strategies to promote /decrease target behaviour change in similar / target populations (e.g. modelling, rewards and praise etc.)

4. Evaluation: (1000 words approx.)
• The likely impact of your proposed intervention; what can contemporary health psychology-based theories/ constructs identified, tell us about why your health behaviour change intervention will work?
• How persuasive your arguments are in favour of your intervention e.g. level of insight and evaluation (e.g. methodological considerations relating to identified supporting evidence)

5. Conclusion (500 words approx.)
• Suggested recommendations for practice regarding the intervention, and possible research in light of the evidence identified
• Utility of health psychology theory/theories underpinning your chosen strategies

6. Referencing
• Provide a full list of all the sources in CU Harvard referencing format that you have consulted for this assessment.

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