High-performance work systems Essay

high-performance work systems
high-performance work systems

high-performance work systems

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In this essay you examine the notion of ‘high-performance work systems’ as an example of a system operating within organisations, designed and implemented by HR and/or line managers. Use this week’s Collaboration to share your thoughts about HPWS, and HR systems and organisations in general, with your colleagues. Be sure to discuss ways in which your experiences and differing perspectives can help you understand what you have read and, in turn, how your readings can help you expand your thinking about organisations and systems.

•Exploring similarities and differences in your perspectives on the potential value of HPWS

•Sharing alternative perspectives on implications of HPWS for HR managers, line managers and the organisation’s design

•Synthesising general lessons about the HR leader’s role in organisation design, systems design and relationships with line managers

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High performance work system is a need for all organizations since it impacts their organizations positively. Multi-skilling is work ethic that is highly encouraged because it helps in achieving high-performance of work design advocated for in any organization (Gilbert, De Winne, and Sels 2011). In order to enhance the high-performance work design, the leaders adopt the usage of the supportive techniques, where members are supported in bettering their working conditions rather than the use of autocratic style of leadership. For the kit-marshalling, the support systems are employed to improve on work performance and to make the team work function effectively as compared to the productive units, material are adequately supplied to avoid shortage that may slow down the work.

To attain success in an organization, the management has to set goals to aid in attain the success through hard work as can be seen in leading corporations like Google. Thorough training is normally done on the new employees so that they familiarize themselves with the corporate culture of their organizations. Boxall and Purcell (2008) argue that, the employees are advised to be involved in the trainings that take place in the organization in order to learn more on the code and ethics of the business. This helps put the business in a position to produce high work performance which will lead to the success of the organization. Employees are allowed to participate in the payment system as this will motivate them to work harder as they feel acknowledged to be part and parcel of the organization. The payment systems are designed in a way that suits the organization and the employee’s needs, such that each of the two sides benefit from the system. In some cases team members are allowed to use the peer performance review where they evaluate one another on matters of performance to identify if the management team is working or if the workers are failing in their duty of working hard towards the success of the organization. The peer performance review, therefore, helps to ensuring both the management and the workers carry out their role accordingly.

The human resource specialists should be able to contribute to the process of organization design since they have great contribution to the success of the business. At Google, the HR department are actively involved in the organization design so that all the work is properly aligned with the organizations mission and vision. The organizations of a particular function and activities in regard to the basis upon which the relationship between are managed by the human resource managers together with the line managers. Managers work to ensure that people work cooperatively together and if need be the organization has to be adjusted so that it can be able to fit the particular strengths and attributes of the people available to achieve the desired goal. According to Gong, Law, Chang and Xin (2009), there is the need to have an ideal structure that will be modified to meet particular desired circumstances that are helpful to the organization. The alternative perspective on implication of the high-work performance on the organization design will be to optimize the arrangements for conducting the affairs of the business by clarifying the overall performance of the business. Organization design also aims at providing the achievement of the cooperation effort together with the integration of activities and teamwork in pursuit of a common goal. Organization design defines the role and the function of each organizational unit, such that all the individual roles are well clarified not forgetting the role of the authorities and the accountabilities. Organizational design aims at building of flexibility into the system and this helps the system to adapt fast to challenges and new situations which if not taken into consideration may negatively affect the organizations success. It also aims at planning and implementing organization development activities and this positively contributes to the success of the organization which later motivates its workers. The human resource managers have role to review the organization to ensure that each persons present is playing his role as required through hard work. The review is normally conducted in four stages which include the analyzing stage where the managers have to review the factors that may affect the organization in the present or in future. They also have to diagnose what ought to be done to better the organization functions and structure through the implementing of the organization after planning for the right time to do so. When all these reviews have been done it then calls for the implementation of the plan that has been set aside to be followed to the later.

Both the human resource and the line managers have to set guidelines that will help the organization to move forward (Sanders & Frenklen, 2011). These guidelines involve the differentiation of work for all to know what they should do and integrating the work so that all the people in that organization through the high work performance can be able to work towards the same goal. The managers need to allocate work to all the departments, project groups, functions, individual position and all units in that organization and advocate for team work. They also need to delayer the organization by removing superfluous layer in order to promote flexibility and increase responsiveness with the aim of enabling the people to be given more responsibility on their duties. This helps to reduce costs on the much undone work and improves the overall efficiency of the business. According to Sanders Frenklen (2011), the main motive of HR department is to ensure that all the functions within the organization is aligned with the mission and vision of the organization.

Lessons about HR in an organization design, system design and line managers are enormous within organizations. The lesson about the human resource an organization is that the organization design that they employ in their work leads to the organization planning. Through planning, they can be able to convert their analysis in to data, which aids in the recognition of the human resource requirements in line with the changes that ought to be implemented to better the working of the organization. According to Frenkel, Sanders, & Bednall (2009), planning is what determines the structure, relationship and the roles which prove contingent in the present and in future. Human resource has to be involved in organization design because it is all about people and they work they do. In case of consulting people from outside there is the need to ensure that the line and the human resource are involved in order to make the implement the proposals smoothly.


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