Historical materialist Research paper available

Historical materialist
Historical materialist

Historical materialist

Historical materialist

What are the defining features of Marx’s historical materialist approach to history?
Describe Arendt’s critique of Marx’s teleological conception of history. What does she
offer as an alternative, as a more politically attuned relation to the past?

All papers must follow this format or will be marked down: double-space, 12-point, Times New
Roman font, 1-inch margins, no cover page.
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Philosophy II // Paper 1
Professor Matatyaou

Your final paper asks you to demonstrate your ability to make a strong thesis and a coherent
argument for an interpretive or critical position on a question, reading, theme, argument, and/or
Your final paper should be: concise (be as succinct as possible and remain within the limits of
the assignment – four pages); accurate (do not distort or misrepresent the key ideas); focused
(present the author’s main argument or points without going into detail).

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