History Book Review Labor Goes to War

History Book Review Labor Goes to War This is the book for the review (Wendy Cuthbertson. Labor Goes to War: The CIO and the Construction of a New Social
Order, 1939-45 UBC Press., )
My instructions for this History Book Review Labor Goes to War assignment are the following :
Cover page optional // at start of paper (TOP first page) – Include (as title) :
i) Author(s)’ name(s) ii) Full title iii) city of publication / publisher / year/
ISBN [single space]

History Book Review Labor Goes to War
Wendy Cuthbertson

Eight [8] pages/ double spaced / regular font / margins – Please use “Times New Roman” 12 font ; “Arial” 12 font or the equivalent (overly large font will be penalized.) For margins – 1 inch/2.5 cm all around (sides/top/bottom) is appropriate. Leave only a double space between paragraphs, not a major gap. (Short papers will be penalized).
Number your pages // use regular spacing between paragraphs
One issue per paragraph
Indent paragraph beginnings 5 spaces [hit “tab’]
Underline or italicize book titles, ships’ names, magazine or newspaper titles
Write out numerals to eleven; then use numeral
Use Block format for Long quotes [single spaced / indented 5 spaces both sides, no quotation marks]
A avoid contractions, slang — it is an academic paper
No need for “headers” in such a short paper
To cite from the book being reviewed, you need only provide the page number immediately thereafter in brackets — for example — (123) [obviously, any materials from other sources requires a full citation — I will accept any standard citation technique]No need for a bibliography unless you have used other works NO plastic or other covers on the paper – just a staple left top corner

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