Home fruit growing Essay Assignment

Home fruit growing
          Home fruit growing

Home fruit growing

One of the problems with print media like our text is that even though recent, it doesn’t change with new information, such as new pests. The Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) is one such pest that has become a problem recently in gardens and with commercial growers.

For extra credit, you can submit a review of this pest (photo optional). In the review you should include (your own words, simply do not copy and paste) a minimum 2-3 sentence paragraph on each of these:

  1. the host plants and distribution (geographic),
  2. description of pest and life stages and life cycle,
  3. damage on what crops and symptoms,
  4. control measures.
  5. You also should include at least 3 references. (Wikipedia does not count).

up to 50 points possible (up to 10 points for each of these 5 items). This should be submitted by the deadline for course submissions.

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