Houellebecque’s Submission Assignment

Houellebecque’s Submission
Houellebecque’s Submission

Houellebecque’s Submission

Houellebecque’s Submission

In his novel Submission, Houellebecq introduces us to a professor of literature at Paris III-Sorbonne who is suffering an existential crisis. He drinks, smokes, eats TV dinners and pays for sex. The novel is set in 2022, the year that a Muslim president becomes elected, and Islamization takes root in France. Surprisingly, Submission does not appear to be a criticism of Islam, but rather of life in late-capitalist, Western democracies. In the last chapter, Houellebecq’s anti-hero even imagines his conversion to Islam and observes that he would have ‘nothing to mourn’.

In this paper, argue in favor of the claim that Houellebecq’s Submission provides a valuable subversive contribution to discussions on life in today’s late-capitalist multicultural society.

.Think of a title.
.Make sure your argument is convincing.
. Don’t forget to tackle counterclaims.
.In your summary, briefly mention your claim and your sources and give an outline of your argument.

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