Housing and Community Development

Housing and Community Development      Organizational Analysis Paper

Housing and Community Development
Housing and Community Development

o          In this 8 to10-page paper, students will identify, analyze, and offer solutions to a real-world problem currently faced by a public or nonprofit organization.

Housing and Community Development

o          Writing from the perspective of a consultant for the selected public or nonprofit organization, the Organizational Analysis Paper will provide an:

?          overview and background of the management issue,

?          empirical and theory-driven analysis of the problem,

?          introduction and evaluation of at least TWO potential solutions, and,

?          based on this assessment of potential solutions, a final recommendation to alleviate the identified problem.

o          Students will assess these proposed solutions based on their political, economic, and social feasibility within the given context of the organization and its environment, while also acknowledging various stakeholder groupsí potential interests, support, and opposition.

Housing and Community Development

o          The Organizational Analysis Paper will be composed of the following sections:

?          Introduction

ï           Provide factual background on and the context of the organization and its problem

?          Analysis of the Problem

ï           Analyze the organizational problem utilizing relevant theories, concepts, and frameworks

?          Introduction and Assessment of Potential Solutions

ï           Present detailed solutions, including an analysis of the political, economic, and social/cultural feasibility, potential opposition and support, and implications of each these potential solutions

Housing and Community Development Recommendation

ï           Offer a convincing argument in favor of one (or more) of the recommended solutions based upon the analysis and comparison

* – The organization I picked: Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey.

– website: https://www.hcdnnj.org

-Just a reminder that the Organizational Analysis Paper


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