How gender has shaped your own life

How gender has shaped your own life
How gender has shaped your own life

How gender has shaped your own life

Instructions: Write as extensively as you can on each question. Use examples from the text, media, or other sources to illustrate your points, or support your arguments. Answers should be ½ to one page (each answer), typed, single spaced, and stapled.

1. Describe how gender has shaped your own life. Consider your relationships within the family, peer group, activities at school, athletics, and other dimensions of life.

2. Do you feel that it would be either desirable or possible to establish a truly classless society? Why or why not?

3. Suggest some of the ways that an individual’s position in the contemporary U.S. stratification (class) system affects that person’s life.

4. What do members of minority groups gain and lose as they undergo a process of assimilation and become part of American society?

5. What do you think might be some effective ways of attempting to improve contemporary American race relations?

6. How does gender shape the lives of working people? Explain how occupations are “gendered” traditionally, and how working people differ with regard to income and wealth based on their gender identification.

7. In what way(s) is the Information Revolution changing politics? Explain.

8. What is your prediction about the future of the U.S. economy? Looking ahead, say, twenty years, what specific transformations do you expect to see? Why?

9. What are some of the sacred things, places, persons, and ideas in contemporary
American society? Are all of these sacred elements connected with what we normally regard as religions?

10. How is new reproductive technology changing families? What ethical concerns do you have about such medical advances?

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