How internet affects the globe connection

How internet affects the globe connection
How internet affects the globe                             connection

How internet affects the globe connection

Lab Instruction:

Think about the connectedness of countries and communities throughout the globe.

For example, bad weather in Russia causes wheat price increases in African

nations, increased carbon emission in China leads to climate change and risk of natural disasters in other places. Observe Fukushima nuclear accident, its impact

on fishing industries in North America and its impact on Germany’s decision to eventually close down its nuclear plants.

This inter-connectedness is beyond the tangible connection, it also connect people emotionally and culturally. Is this inter-connectedness real or it just seems so? Or because we have been repeatedly told so, such as in “This Japanese young couple cannot afford a house because US federal reserve lowered (or raised) interest rate!”.

Because of news media coverage, we are certainly more aware of the events around the globe, but how much materially that our daily life is impact by events on the other side of the globe?

Keep an internet activity diary for 5 days and collect data on your own activities online. Consider the level of involvement (from 1, cursory browsing, to 3, intense involvement (shouting match online?) ). Also, consider if your activity confirms your preconceived notion on a given topic, or makes you aware of opinions contrary to your own, or the activity is informative and educational?

Give your thoughts, which is supported by two or more examples of your own recent activities and/or decisions that has a global impact or based on a global perspective. How much time did you spend on internet in a five-day period? And what fraction of time delivers educational benefit? Write an essay no less than 400 words.

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