How to write an Article Review Assignment

How to write an Article Review
 How to write an Article Review

How to write an Article Review

Individual assignment due: Please refer to calendar
Each student will review a randomly assigned article topic. Please center your assignment on the topic assignment.
Prepare a report on the article that will include the following:
1. A summary or overview of the article (what was it about? Purpose?).
2. Was it a report of a study (research) or was it some other kind of academic paper?
3. Who was the target audience for the article?
4. Was the information easy to understand? Why or why not?
5. List at least three interesting facts you learned from the article.
6. What are the implications for nursing education, nursing practice and nursing research?
7. Would you recommend this article to other students? Why or why not?
8. How could this article have been improved? Were there any gaps in the knowledge? What are the recommendations?
9. Did the article make you want to find out more about the subject?
10. Conclusion.
The article review should be a minimum of 600-750 words, double-spaced. The article should be attached. Please email a copy of the paper to When quoting or paraphrasing the article, include in-text citation and attach a reference page with the article listed (APA format). The paper should be written in APA format, with a
title page and reference page. Please paraphrase appropriately, with no more than 3 direct quotes (if necessary). If there is failure to cite/paraphrase appropriately, or if the paper is not written at a proficiency level of 75% or above, a second article will-be assigned for submission (maximum score given for second attempt is 75% ). Failure to submit your paper by (Please see calendar for date) @ 9:00am will result in 10 points being deducted for each day that it is late.

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