HRM People Resourcing Assignment

HRM People Resourcing
HRM People Resourcing

HRM People Resourcing

Assessment One: Essay

The social media phenomenon has opened new paths of engagement and revolutionised the exchange of information. With more people engaging with social media, it is worth investigating its relevance to the recruitment process. Despite its overall popularity, not all forms of social media, however, are likely to serve equally as an effective recruitment channel.

Essay Question:

The use of social media sites such as. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are increasingly being used in the recruitment of staff at all levels in an organisation. Evaluate the use of social media sites in the recruitment of staff. Using one social media sites choose an organisation you either are working for or you are familiar with and discuss how the site can be used to target talent that can add value to the organisation overall.

Use Facebook for the assignment and the Company use “Life without Barriers” – this is an organisation in Australia here is the link

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