Hudson and Spaldings views of American Politics

Hudson and Spaldings views of American Politics Response Paper of William Hudson and Mathew Spalding’s views of American Politics and American Political Tradition Hudson and Spaldings views of American Politics and Political Tradition Term Paper Assignment.

Hudson and Spaldings views of American Politics
Hudson and Spaldings views of American Politics

Write a paper in response to the following assignment:
William Hudson and Matthew Spalding present rather different views of the nature and quality of American
politics and the American political tradition. In your term paper assignment, you should compare and contrast
the views of these authors, searching for key areas of agreement and disagreement. To do this effectively, you should read both books critically and closely,
and try to identity where the authors’ arguments converge or diverge. After identifying areas of conflict and agreement, you should then evaluate the quality
of each author’s argumentation in terms of logic and the quality of evidence. In the final analysis, which author provides a more convincing interpretation
of the American political situation in the year 2013?
Please note the “instructions for papers” at the end of this syllabus. Be sure to cite each author appropriately, including using direct quotations when
Instructions for Writing Your Paper:
1. Type your paper, double-spaced, with PAGE NUMBERS, and staple twice in the upper left corner. Do not use folders (they just get in the way). Please save
the original file of the paper on your computer or elsewhere.
2. Be sure to have an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph that sets out your main theme, and a body that covers the assigned topic. Papers will
be evaluated on how effectively they use the assigned course reading, demonstrate clarity and comprehensiveness, maintain logical coherence, etc.
3. Write all the paper in your own words. Be sure to put the words of others in quotation marks which are then
properly cited. You can pass with a paper that has a lot of quotations, properly cited, but using sentences, phrases,paragraphs, or the entire paper from
others without attribution will be a recipe for failure.
4. Try to be comprehensive, covering all relevant points, even if you only do so in a sentence or two.
5. Whenever you use quotations or make points that should be cited, please use some system of citation, such as footnotes, endnotes, or a parenthetical
citation like this: (Escobar, 1996, p. 33). If you use parenthetical citation, be sure to have a “works cited” page at the end of your paper.

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