Human Behavior Article Summary and Questions

Human Behavior Article Summary and Questions You need to read an assigned article and write half a page for each question below.

Human Behavior Article Summary and Questions
Human Behavior Article Summary and Questions

Please answer each question separately (i.e., answer to question #1, answer to question #2,

Etc.). Do not combine all of your answers into one big paragraph. I will provide 4 articles and you can choose the one you want.

Human Behavior Article Summary and Questions

  1. What is the theory being tested (the idea being tested) in this study?

To answer this question, you will read the Introduction of the article. It will tell you about the idea the authors chose to examine in their study. What aspect of human behavior are they testing? Discuss this idea in your own words. You might want to make use of your textbook. You can match up the ideas presented in the article with material from the text (looking for similar concepts). Nonetheless, the information that you will need to answer this question will come from the article itself.

  1. What hypothesis (or hypotheses) are the authors testing in this study?

Human Behavior Article Summary and Questions

To answer this question, you are going to report the articles hypothesis (or hypotheses). This particular answer will bring you close to quoting the article (but I still want everything put into your own words). In addition, explain what this hypothesis means. A hypothesis is a pretty direct statement/claim, so explain this statement in plain language (as if you were explaining it to someone who doesn’t understand psychology).

  1. How are they proposing to test these hypotheses?

To answer this question, you are going to tell me a bit about what the authors did in their study.

They have proposed a hypothesis, and then they designed a study to test that hypothesis. You must tell me how they tested that hypothesis (i.e., they brought participants into a lab and had them fill out questionnaires, or they had participants walk across a very high rope bridge and then measured how their fear arousal influenced their attraction to a confederate, etc.).

Human Behavior Article Summary and Questions

  1. What were the findings and the meaning of this study?

What are the results of this study? Were the hypotheses supported? If so, how? If not, what did the authors find? What do these findings mean? To answer these questions, you do not need to get into page 4 specific numbers; I want you to present the results in general. Tip: In many articles, the authors will summarize their results at the beginning of the discussion section (after the results section). Often, this summary is easier to understand the results section

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