Human growth and development Essay Paper

Human growth and development
Human growth and development

Human growth and development

Choose a person you know well and complete a developmental summary across the lifespan for this person.
You can choose a person from any of the developmental stages.
Determine the individual’s current stage of development: physically, cognitively, and socially and compare your findings to the developmental norms from textbooks and databases. This critique needs to be a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of 5 pages. Be sure that you utilize various theories and apply these to the growth and development of your chosen person.


1. Determine an individual’s current stage of development according to textbook information and selected
2. Compare the individual’s behavior, growth, and development to the textbook description and selected
3. Identify unmet or uncompleted tasks of the individual’s current stage of development.
4. Design a plan to assist the individual to achieve the tasks of his/her stage of development.

– You can choose anyone in your life to base this off of, or you can create an imaginary relative or friend if you so wish. You can even message me and ask me all the questions you need to compile all the information required to complete the assignment if you so desire.

– Please talk about all areas of development fully, i.e., physical, cognitive, and psychosocial.

– Please remember to relate specific area to the theories they would fall under such as (but not limited to) Piaget and Erikson

– Please pick someone of at least middle school age but preferably someone in their mid to late teens.

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