Human nutrient Essay Assignment Paper

Human nutrient
Human nutrient

Human nutrient

You will keep track of everything you eat and drink for 3 consecutive days (including one weekend day) using the form below and then give it to your partner. Then you will assess your partner’s diet. You will need to discuss the good parts of your partner’s diet (what they’re doing well) and also discuss what, in your opinion, they could do better.

2 page minimum: describe, in detail, the strengths of your partner’s diet. Please be sure to assess macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, sugar intake, water, fiber, etc.

2 page minimum: discuss what you think your partner could do with their diet to improve their nutritional status.

For a total of 4 pages minimum in the BODY of the paper.

Full APA Style is required. 12 point font, Times New Roman, Double Spaced. Please be sure to use a Title Page, Abstract, Reference Page, etc.


19 year old boy, height 5’9, weights 210 pounds
DAY 1 March 17
BREAKFAST- cereal and milk
SNACK- gold fish and coffee
LUNCH- cheeseburger and side salad
SNACK- hot Cheetos
DINNER- rice, chicken, plain yogurt and salad

DAY 2 March 18
BREAKFAST- 3 boiled eggs and fruit smoothie
SNACK- chocolate bar
LUNCH- turkey sandwich + apple
SNACK- plain greek yogurt
DINNER- steak and fries

DAY 3 March 19
BREAKFAST- omelet with cheese

SNACK- hummus and pretzels
LUNCH- veggie pizza
SNACK- almonds and dry fruit
DINNER- chicken wrap, mash potatoes, corn

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