Human Resource Management as Strategic Partner

Human Resource Management as Strategic Partner
Human Resource Management as Strategic Partner

Human Resource Management as Strategic Partner

For this assignment, you are required to analyse HRM functions in two contrasting organisations.

Evaluate the HRM process and different HRM
functions performed by each organisation. As HRM is a strategic function in the business firms, be prepared to collect relevant data via secondary research (e.g.corporate website, HR website, published reports, annual reports) as well as through primary research (e.g. staff/management interview, observation).

It is important that you provide relevant examples while answering all questions in this assignment.

Note: In some sections of this assignment, Two companies are required together for comparison and analysis purposes.

Companies: NHS and British Airways

Task 3
(P9) Explain an early motivational theory.(Maslow’s hierarchy of needs,McGregor’s Theory X and Y, Herzberg’s motivation – hygiene theory)

Assess how your chosen organisation motivates and rewards its employees. Give reference to your chosen motivational theory.(Herzberg’s motivation hygiene theory)

(P10) Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay.

Provide example of one organisation and explain what factors they consider while determining pay for different levels. (NHS or British Airways, I don’t
mind, you can choose)

(P11) Assess the effectiveness of different reward systems in a chosen organisation, based on different contexts. (This question can be linked with P10, but both questions should be answered separately.)

(P12) Performance management is an important HR function.? Examine the performance monitoring methods used by an organisation.

Suggest improvements in their existing performance monitoring method.

Task 4 ::
(P13) Describe different scenarios and identify reasons for cessation of employment with an organisation.

(P14) Explain the employment exit procedures used by one organisation and compare it with another organisation?s employment exit procedures.

Compare and highlight the similarities and differences.(NHS vs British Airways)

(P15) Employment cessation can take many forms, including redundancy, termination due to misconduct or retirement.? Consider impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements.

Provide examples of legal and regulatory frameworks in relations to different forms of employment cessation.

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