Human resource management Case Scenario

Human resource management Case Scenario
Human resource management Case Scenario

Human resource management Case Scenario

Choose a title job from an existing company, using their recruiting policies write the following, but please no plagiarism and when u take a policy or anything from the website of the company chosen put the source of the website. Here are the requirements for the report :
1.0 Job Description
Prepare a job description document for the chosen title. 1.1 Summary of the job (120 words- +/- 10%)
1.2 Key Tasks: Choose the most important 7-10 tasks max (120 word- +/- 10%)
1.3 Key Knowledge:4-7 points max (120 words- +/- 10%)
1.4 Key Skills: 6-8 max (120 words- +/- 10%)
1.5 Key Abilities: 6-8 max (120 words- +/- 10%)
1.6 Key Attitudes: 4-7 points max (120- +/- 10%) words)
2.0 Recruitment
The process of matching sources and methods of recruitment was discussed in lecture 5. For the chosen title, match sources and methods of recruitment
2.1 Sources of Recruitment (80- 200 words)
2.2 Methods of Recruitment (80- 200 words)
Assume that in all cases you must use external recruitment to fill the position. Justify your choices.

3.0 Selection
What do you believe would be the most suited……………
3.1 type of employment test (80- 200 words)
3.2 Content of Interview (80-200 words)
3.3 Type of Interview (80-200 words)
3.4 Method of Interview (80-200 words)
for the chosen job title? Justify your choices.

4.0 Performance Criteria and Measurement System
4.1 Key performance criteria/standards: (120 words- +/- 10%) Set 7 key performance standards/criteria for the chosen job title
4.2 Performance Measurement System: (80-200 words) choose the most relevant measurement system. Justify your choice; you can choose more than one.

5.0 Training Methods and Delivery System
5.1 Training Methods (80-200 words): What do you believe would be the best methods of training for the chosen title? Justify your choice

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