Human resources ALDI Case Study Paper

Human resources ALDI Case Study
  Human resources ALDI Case Study

Human resources ALDI Case Study

HI can you please do it in a magazine format. you have to write it to the ALDI employees. please base it on Human Resources at Aldi. please aim for the distinction criteria. and please use UK based content, theory and policies. I have attached the assignment brief that has the grade descriptors. i have also attached a Case Study of ALDI. I would like it in type of format please.

Business expansion through training and development


Curriculum topics covered:

  • Identifying training needs
  • On-the-job training
  • Off-the-job training
  • Development

ALDI STUDY 29/8/12 11:05 Page 2

To ensure it gets people with the right set of skills, the company produces clear and detailed job descriptions for each post. These show the tasks and responsibilities for that position and in turn, the skills and competencies needed by an individual to succeed in that role.

Through a process of interview and assessment, managers identify if candidates have the precise skills and competencies that the job requires. If the selection process shows that they are suitable, then they will be recruited and Aldi can be confident that they will fulfil the challenges of their role.

Although Aldi expects new recruits to make an immediate contribution to the business, it also provides training so that they can develop their careers within the company. Aldi has entry levels for apprentices, store assistants, deputy managers, assistant store managers, trainee store managers and graduate trainee area managers. Aldi organises high-level training for recruits to all levels. For example, in their first year, graduate recruits receive training in all areas of the business. This ranges from training in-store to understand how the retail operation works, to regional office tasks such as logistics, trading and financial planning.

All new recruits go through a comprehensive structured training plan. New employees learn about the philosophy of Aldi and its expectations of them. This is important in making new employees quickly feel part of the Aldi family. This training will be appropriate to the role, so could be in a store or at an Aldi regional office.

On-the-job training

On-the-job training is training that takes place while employees are actually working. It means that skills can be gained while trainees are carrying out their jobs. This benefits both employees and the business. Employees learn in the real work environment and gain experience dealing with the tasks and challenges that they will meet during a normal working day. The business benefits by ensuring that the training is specific to the job. It also does not have to meet the additional costs of providing off-the-job training or losing working time.

There are several methods of providing on-the-job training. Four frequently used methods are briefly described here:

Coaching – an experienced member of staff will help trainees learn skills and processes through providing instructions or demonstrations (or both).

Mentoring – each trainee is allocated to an established member of staff who acts as a guide and helper. A mentor usually offers more personal support than a coach, although the terms mentor and coach are often used interchangeably.

Job rotation – this is where members of staff rotate roles or tasks so that they gain experience of a full range of jobs.

Sitting next to Nellie – this describes the process of working alongside a colleague to observe and learn the skills needed for a particular process. This can be a faster and more useful way of learning a job role than studying a written manual. The colleague is always on hand to answer any questions or deal with any unexpected problems.

For most on-the-job training at Aldi stores, the store manager acts as the trainer. A typical format is for the manager to explain a process to the trainee, then to demonstrate it. The trainee then carries out the process, while the manager observes. Once the manager is happy that trainees are competent, they can then carry out the process unaided. This process is used, for example, to teach a store assistant how to operate the till and to instruct a trainee manager how to order stock accurately.

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