Human service Research Assignment

Human service
                                 Human service

Human service

The final paper will consist of a comprehensive demonstration of the attitudes/values, skills, and knowledge of Human Services. In your text, An Introduction to Human Service Policy and Practice, 8th Edition by Betty Reid Mandell and Barbara Schramm, Table 4.1 reveals the list of competencies for the field of human services.

Final Paper Criteria:

  1. Paper will focus on at least one competency for each of the three areas (attitudes/values, skills, and knowledge) listed on page ___ in the text.
  2. Paper topic can be any subject or agency in the field of human services.
  3. A presentation of the competencies chosen and how each was demonstrated throughout the course is expected. For example if a person chose to write on Child Abuse and the competencies picked were:
  • Open-mindedness (attitude/value)
  • Negotiating Contracts (skills)
  • The impact on society and culture (knowledge)

The paper might explore how professionals working at DHS Child Welfare were open-minded and then examples would be given. Next, the paper might explore what type of standards/treatment plans are expected in child welfare or what is expected in treatment for offenders. Finally the paper might explore how many agencies provide services for child abuse and how may be similar and/or different. This would be gleaned from agency reports/visits.

  1. Paper will be double-spaced type with 12 point font.
  2. Paper should be a minimum of 4 pages and a maximum of six (not including bibliography or cover sheet)
  3. A minimum of four reference materials will be used. These references must be from scholarly journals such as Social Work, Health and Social Work, JAMA, Child Welfare, American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Journal of Clinical Child Psychology, Social Work Education, Human Services Education, etc.

Newspaper articles will not be accepted.

  1. When using reference materials, please be cautious when citing other individuals’ ideas or thoughts.

Please reference material using APA style. If you fail to give appropriate credit to authors, this is plagiarism. Plagiarism will result in an automatic “zero” for the paper. Plagiarism is also a direct academic violation and may result in further academic disciplinary measures.

  1. Please seek help if you have questions. It is best to work on this paper throughout the semester.

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