Immigration on Social Cohesion in Present day Britain

Immigration on Social Cohesion in Present day Britain An evaluation of the Impact of Immigration on Social Cohesion in Present day Britain.

Immigration on Social Cohesion in Present day Britain
Immigration on Social Cohesion in Present day Britain

The topic of my Major Project is : An evaluation of the impact of immigration on Social Cohesion in present day Britain.
According to some, immigration is the true heart and soul of society. There is an argument that without immigration, Europe, especially the UK, would not have developed in the way it has. I personally believe immigrants are the fabric of our society. However the immigration integration is not easy as we think about it. That is why I have chosen as a topic the Social Cohesion of the immigration. I would like to investigate and analyse how immigrants are integrated to the society once they are here.
As you know, There are several factors that can be taken into consideration; however, I will focus on only three factors, which are : families, education, and work (economic integration). So you can divide the Literature REview part into 3 parts (Families / Education / Work)
The researcher can take and use whatever he thinks is useful for the literature review. I need more and less 20 sources. ( be careful for the Harvard referencing)
The aim of the literature review is to show my reader (mytutor) that I have read, and have a good grasp of, the main published work concerning a particular topic or question in my field.
The writer may use whatever sources he or she feels are most appropriate.( books, newspapers, websites, pdf documents)
the writer may also put some images/figures to be more creative.
This hand-out assumes that you will end up with at least 3 chapters:
• Chapter 1: Introduction
• Chapter 2: Literature review
• Chapter 3: Conclusion
At the end of the whole work there should be a full bibliography. Any appendices should come after the full bibliography.
The longest chapters will be the Literature review. The Introduction and Conclusion chapters will be short in comparison

Immigration on Social Cohesion in Present day Britain Chapter 1: Introduction

Make sure that the readers of your work will be able to find the answers to these questions in Chapter 1:
• How was the topic chosen?
• What were the main aims and objectives of the research?
• What is the scope of the research project? (If your dissertation/project is focussed on one particular industry or technology you might include introductory remarks about this here.)
• How is the text (chapters) arranged in the dissertation/project?
Chapter 2: Literature review
You will be rewarded for:
• providing a short introductory paragraph which explains what is discussed in the chapter
• demonstrating that you conducted a thorough literature search and have read widely
• demonstrating that you have read up to date material
• summarising what you have read thematically (and not author by author). You will think of the headings for the Literature review
• evaluating what you have read
• identifying gaps in the literature in your opinion (if you are able!)

Immigration on Social Cohesion in Present day Britain Chapter 3: Conclusion

This should be a conclusion to the whole project. Check that your work answers the following questions:
• Did the research project meet its aims (check back to introduction for stated aims)?
• What are the main findings of the research?
• Are there any recommendations for further research? How could the study be continued?

Immigration on Social Cohesion in Present day Britain Bibliography

Your bibliography should use Harvard Referencing. You do not need to group books, journals, web sites.
Appendices follow after the bibliography.
No worries if you are confused with the Introduction. The most important is the Literature review. I count on you. Books, newspapers, pdf documents (UK governement, other essays),etc.. are welcome. Just be careful for the plagiarism.

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