Impact of Globalization on Economic Inequality

Neoliberal Globalization, Impact of Globalization on Economic Inequality.
Global Economy

The impact of Globalization on Economic Inequality

The Main Result of Neoliberal Globalization is that the Rich of the World have got Richer, While the Poor have got Poorer”. Discuss the impact of Globalization on Economic Inequality

Rich of the World have got Richer, While the Poor have got Poorer

Provide a portfolio of materials that play a role in the development of your essay (assessment item #2 Discuss the impact of Globalization on Economic Inequality). This assessment item is designed to provide an opportunity for you to receive ? feed-forward’ on that essay (i.e., comments and advice from your tutor, which you can use to improve it).

1. Essay Question Analysis
State which essay topic you have chosen and (in 1–2 paragraphs) provide a brief analysis of that question.

Rich of the World have got Richer, While the Poor have got Poorer

That is, what is the question asking? What must any satisfactory answer to the question
2. Bibliography
Provide a bibliography of at least twelve (12) scholarly sources (books or journal articles) which you
think are likely to be relevant to your chosen essay topic. The list should be in alphabetical order (by
author surname), and the bibliographical information should be given in correct APA (6th edition)

Discuss the impact of Globalization on Economic Inequality.

3. Reflexive Responses
For at least four (4) of these sources provide a response (you can provide responses to more sources if you wish). Each of your responses should be at least one paragraph long (but can be longer). Your
response should include discussion of how you think the source could potentially be useful for your
essay argument (e.g., does it provide facts to support a key point you wish to make? does it provide the beginnings of a useful case study? etc.). It should also include your own opinion of the source (e.g., did you find the source compelling? problematic in some way? were there parts that made no sense to you? parts you thought were mistaken? did you disagree or agree with any ethical/political assumptions it seemed to make? etc.). Essentially, you must demonstrate that you have thought about, considered, and responded to, the source in relation to preparing to write your essay.

Rough Draft Material on the Impact of Globalization on Economic Inequality.

4. Draft Material
In this section you must provide a minimum of half a page of essay preparation material, that moves beyond raw notes’ and is beginning to head towards an essay. The choice of material is up to you, but some suggestions for possible inclusion are: a possible paragraph plan for the essay (in dot points); an argument sketch or summary; rough drafts of some paragraphs; a sketch of a case study. In general, think about what would be most useful for you to receive feedback (or feed-forward) on. Note that this material does not have to be referenced, or the prose polished (we are interested in seeing rough draft material).

Rough Draft Material on the Impact of Globalization on Economic Inequality.

5. Feed-forward Questions
Provide three (3) questions that relate to the material you have provided in your portfolio, and which
you would like your tutor to address in order to provide useful ? feed-forward’ for your essay. In other
words, think about what you would like to hear from the tutor about the material in your portfolio, that would be most useful or important for you in writing a good essay. (E.g., you may want to ask whether your argument sounds persuasive, whether you have chosen an effective case study to illustrate a particular point, whether you have analysed or understood the question effectively, etc.).

General Comments on The Global Impact on Economic Inequality Portfolio

Unlike the essay, this portfolio does not have to be written in formal academic prose. It can be
personal and reflexive in tone, the prose can be rough and unedited, the content can be tentative and/or exploratory. In order to encourage this (or, if you like, to show you that we are genuine about this) your portfolio will not be graded on the ;quality’ of each section. If your portfolio contains material that meets the minimal conditions for each section (in terms of length and content), you will receive 2 marks for that section.

Requirements for The global impact on economic inequality

•The essay preparation portfolio should have five sections (clearly indicated) as described above.
Discuss the impact of Globalization on Economic Inequality Assessment Criteria
For each of the five sections described above, if the essay preparation portfolio contains a section
meeting the minimum requirements (of length and content), then two (2) marks will be awarded.
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