Impacts of climate change on the United States economy

Impacts of climate change on the United States economy
Impacts of climate change on the United States economy

Impacts of climate change on the United States economy

Research Paper Structure

Central Question: What should President Trump’s administration do to reduce the impacts of climate change on the United States economy?

Thesis: The United States government should be prepared to fight against the causes and effects of climate change such as the increasing emission of greenhouse gas and its influence in the atmosphere, increasing floods, drought, forest fires, and poor quality agricultural products in the country due to their negative influence in the US economy.


Frame the issue, set parameters, establish the problem, lead to your central question, conclude the introduction with the answer to this question, your thesis statement. Many people choose to embed their claims and reservations in the thesis

(History or technical information)

Also many papers require a brief review of the history of the issue or the technical covered in the claims, and it may not be necessary.

Claims (at least 2, usually 3 or 4) – 4 or 5 pages

Arguments in favor of your position supported by evidence. Work from your strongest or longest claim to your shortest or weakest.

(* Ethical/Moral position should usually be one of your claims, see below)

Reservations -2 pages – also at least two reservations

Arguments and evidence which speaks against your thesis or position. Again, these should be ordered from strongest to weakest and usually are no more than half as long as the claims

Rebuttal – 1 page

This is not always a necessary step, but many times it is useful. The rebuttal is evidence which counters or qualifies the reservations.

Moral foundation – 1 page

If this has not been dealt with in your claims, you need to clearly state the moral basis of your argument and pin it down with evidence, your opinion is not sufficient. Be sure to check for Catholic church position on your issue.

Call to action – 1-2 pages

The call to action offers specific steps to solve the problem established in the introduction. It should deal with legal (laws and policy), financial (where does the $ come from? What is the return on the investment?) and ethical (why this is the right thing to do from a moral and philosophical perspective?) aspects of the problem.

Conclusion -1 paragraph

Briefly sum up your principal argument and leave the reader with a final thought.

Works Cited – 2 pages (does not count in 8-12 page requirement)

Starts on a new page, words Works Cited are centered at top, entries are properly organized, indented and alphabetized

A few thoughts:

Most papers will use this format, but there is an occasional exception where the material suggests another organizational structure, if this is the case consult your adviser before proceeding.

The number of pages are rough estimates. We prefer quality of writing to quantity. If it is your first time writing a research paper we will take this into account. If you are concerned with the length of the paper, speak with your adviser.

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