Imperative for Owosso Memorial Healthcare

Under "Course Links," read the study entitled "The New Community Hospital Imperative," and then review the website of Owosso Memorial
Hospital (Healthcare), our region’s only remaining stand-alone community hospital. Relating to the supposition put-forth in the study, and in view of your
impressions of Memorial Healthcare, based on your review of their website, what course of action would you recommend to Owosso Memorial’s Board and why? When
recommending your Course of Action, describe which local system would be best suited to Owosso for alignment in terms of Competitive Levers, Strategic
Framework, Physician Alignment, and Competitive Advantage; all of these insights are reviewed in your referenced study.
Paper should be typed (Font 12, New Times Roman), with your Name, Student Number, and Course Number indicated in top left corner of page, Subject:
Recommended Imperative for Owosso Memorial Healthcare.
The study:
The website:


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