Implementing the change process reflection Journal

Implementing the change process reflection Journal

Implementing the Change Process Reflection

Again, self-assessment and self-awareness are very important tools/concepts in leadership and in nursing.  Here is another opportunity for you to assess yourself in specific areas, reflect, and plan for growth.  Remember, even if you are in a good place, there is always room to grow and expand your knowledge and abilities.  🙂

For this assessment, you will complete the reading for the lesson.  Specifically, look also at page 304-307 and the IHI lesson mentioned.

Like the previous self-assessment assignments throughout the course, we will use reflective journaling.  Gibbs’ Reflective Model (1988), provides our framework.  Gibbs’ reflective cycle has 6 stages.  Please reflect on each stage below:

  1. Description: What are the two types of change (in the text)? Describe in your own words, at least one theory for change (also in the text).   
  2. Feelings: Do you like to lead change? Or, help with change in more of a follower stance?
  3. Evaluation: What attributes or responsibilities of a change agent do you possess?  Which of the errors mentioned by Kotter (2017) have you contributed to? What is your experience in collective action, what roles have you played?
  4. Analysis: Are you able to positively impact change implementation?  If you have been involved in collective action, was it effective?
  5. Conclusion: Explain your strengths and weaknesses in relation to change.
  6. Action Plan: What strategies could you implement to improve your change agent attributes?  How can you reduce the incidence of errors in the change process (Kotter, 2017)?  How can you apply a change theory in your practice?  (Use the text materials here.)  How can you get more involved in collective action in your workplace or your profession?

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