Importance in the history of women’s work

Write an essay of approximately 1500-2000 words that covers a topic of importance in the history of women’s work. For example, you may want to compare the work situations of different women, analyze how different women contributed to Canada’ as settler colonial economy, learn more about the pay and working conditions of young women in early factories, or examine the attitudes and expectations relative to motherhood in early 20th-century Canada. Give some thought to your topic selection, and try to choose something that deeply interests you.

Follow these steps to prepare your paper:

You will need to do additional reading for this assignment, so be sure to obtain library materials in advance, either from a library in your vicinity or from the Athabasca University Library. You may also wish to consult with your tutor on suitable research materials for this assignment.

Your essay will need a clear thesis statement. Use the following questions as guidelines in preparing your essay and thesis statement:

What general issue or question are you addressing in your essay, and why is it important? Within this general issue or question, what specific questions do you wish to answer? Write down all the questions you have, and use them to guide your reading and research.

From assigned readings for Unit 1, what major insights emerge in relation to the specific questions you have? Do the readings confirm or challenge your initial ideas? If so, in what ways?

From your additional reading for this assignment, what appear to be the most important findings with respect to the specific questions you have? Can you identify any major themes and findings? Do all authors agree on the issues you are addressing? If not, what might explain these differing viewpoints? What types of evidence do different authors offer in support of their views?

Reflecting on your reading and on your own experience and ideas, what have you learned about the questions you started with? What, if any, new questions have emerged?

What are the implications of your findings for understanding women’s work more generally? Do they support any specific theories or ideas about women’s work as discussed in Unit 1?

Once you have considered these questions, develop your thesis statement. What is the main argument that your paper will be making regarding your topic?

Your paper needs to reference and discuss three of the key concepts from Unit 1 in relation to your chosen topic.

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