Important aspects of culture Essay Assignment

Important aspects of culture
Important aspects of culture

Important aspects of culture and verbal/nonverbal messages

Discuss what you think are the important aspects of culture and verbal/nonverbal messages, and how it can impact a workforce.

While this will be posted on a discussion board, it IS an academic paper, and should include all that comes along with that, including source citations and a reference listing.

ORIGINAL SUBMISSION SHOULD BE 600-800 WORDS IN LENGTH. (Keep in mind that a single spaced, one page paper is about 500 words.)

Your grade will be based on the quality of your analysis (25%), grammar/punctuation/typos/length (15%), references to the textbook material (25%), references to external material (journal articles/news reports, etc…) (20%), and the quality of your responses to at least two other student submissions (15%). source

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