IMRAD Writing Format and Discussion Section

IMRAD Writing Format and Discussion Section Means; introduction/background, Methods, and Results/
Discussion section.

IMRAD Writing Format and Discussion Section
IMRAD Writing Format and Discussion Section

Were the study’s subjects screen and selected for the appropriate characteristics? – Were subjects assigned to groups and conditions without bias?

IMRAD Writing Format and Discussion Section Conclusion

Did the study include a sufficient number of subjects?
How appropriate was the study design for resolving the research issue?
How valid and comprehensive were the study’s independent variables?
How valid and reliable were the study’s dependent variables?
During the course of the study, how effectively did the researchers control for extraneous variables? – How appropriate and accurate were the study’s statistical analyses?
Results Section/Discussion Sections: The results and discussion sections can be combined or evaluated separately; it all depends on your research, argument, and rhetorical goals. This is the section(s) where you prove and legitimize your argument using scientific analysis and facts based on your research.
Conclusion: Your conclusion should describe how your research informs and benefits the science community, and the wider world. It should resonate with your readers in a way that will make them want to learn more about your topic.

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