Inbound Strategy Research Assignment

Inbound Strategy
                                Inbound Strategy

Inbound Strategy


In this weeks assignment you’ll be crafting an inbound marketing strategy for your microsite and campaign.

For your assignment please create a header for each topic below. Give us easy to understand information to answer each question.

Reiterate your audience target

What Keywords will you focus on (give 10 keywords or keyword phrases)

Describe the Types of content that will resonate with your audience

Give 3 blog topic ideas, include headline and summary paragraph for each blog

One content offer idea

What is the download?

What is the call to action? Include call to action headline and supportive text (two sentences.)

How will use social networks to promote your content, one paragraph description for each social network your plan to use

Extra Credit if you get Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification


It must be overtly clear you’ve used the information in the resources, reading and first day of class to form your analysis. If we don’t get the sense you understand the initial concepts we’ve taught your grade will be negatively affected.

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