Indigenous populations in the Arctic Paper

Indigenous populations in the Arctic
Indigenous populations in the Arctic

Indigenous populations in the Arctic

Indigenous populations in the Arctic

Justify why the cultural practice of eating seal blubber among many indigenous populations in the Arctic is both an evoked culture and a transmitted culture.
On Planet Belia, two civilizations (the Edinia and the Elash) have coexisted for centuries in the same environmental context. Both civilizations have marriage rituals (for this question, assume that marriage rituals can only be either monogamous or polygamous). You know that Edinians believe that polygamy is generally better than monogamy, so there are more polygamists than monogamists in Edinia. To determine whether evoked culture or transmitted culture plays a bigger role in affecting marriage rituals, you visit Edinia and Elash and try to find the proportion of marriages that are monogamous versus polygamous. Draw a bar graph of what your data would look like if evoked culture plays a bigger role than transmitted culture.
Your professor wants to upload a video of talking horses, and he wants it to go “viral” (i.e., spread very quickly to many people). Based on the different factors that cause ideas to spread, give examples of what the video would need to include for it to have the highest likelihood of spreading.
Vancouver has many different neighborhood areas, including Richmond and Strathcona. Richmond is politically more conservative, while Strathcona is politically more liberal. Create an account based on dynamic social impact theory to explain how these different neighborhoods seem to have different forms of political culture.
While chatting with your friend, she says that people nowadays have less intelligence than people used to. Evaluate whether this claim is true—be sure to use empirical data to address this issue.

Expectations for Written Assignments

APA-style (6th Edition): I don’t expect you to buy the Manual, but if you intend to be a Psychology major, buying one now is a good idea as it will help you learn how to write like a scientist sooner.

Neatness: Papers should have 1-inch margins and be written using size 12 Times New Roman font in Word format.

No Spelling Errors: There are numerous tools out there to avoid spelling mistakes. Accuracy in spelling is a sign of thoroughness and professionalism. I expect that you will take the time to make sure your words are spelled correctly.

Use of Good Writing Principles: Directness in style, parsimony, use of transitions, use of introductions and conclusions, and having good structure are some basic principles to good writing.

Cultural Psychology (Third Edition)
Steven J. Heine
W. W. Norton & Company, 3rd Edition, 2015
ISBN-10: 0393263983
ISBN-13: 978-0393263985

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