Individual Client Brief Professional Comprehensive Report

Individual Client Brief Professional Comprehensive Report You can see in BEO degree Module Guide p10:
Prepare a report (an equivalent of 2500 words worth of work) that can be presented to the client.
The work should be word processed. If appropriate, leaflets, room plans etc. can be added as appendices.

Individual Client Brief Professional Comprehensive Report
Individual Client Brief Professional Comprehensive Report

You will need to include a bibliography (Harvard)
containing the sources of information used to inform your planning decisions. You should aim to present a professional looking comprehensive report and the
emphasis should be on detailing and discussing the client requirements and how your proposed event will meet these.

Individual Client Brief Professional Comprehensive Report Sections

In most cases, you should include a short justification for any choices made. For example, why have you selected the venue, why the theme, why the catering decisions you’ve made. The report should include the following sections.
• An introduction which outlines the most important objectives(use SMART) of the event and the factors that will influence your event planning
• Details of the venue/space to be used. This must be a real UK venue
• A copy of the contract between yourself and the venue (this can be drafted by yourself)
• Staffing requirements to meet customer expectations
• Details of the food service arrangements – menu/menus for the event, details of alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks/beverages, a food service method
• Room plans/layouts – diagrams etc. of how you are going to use the space available – to include reception areas, table plans, seating, and meal arrangements
• Details of specialist services that you will need to contract out
• Details of the arrangements for special guests
• A detailed programme for the event with realistic timings
• Ideas for theming/styling of the event (Music, decor, flowers, linen, color scheme, gifts, entertainment etc.). How are you going to make the day innovative and memorable
• An anticipated total costing for the event laid out in an appropriate format. This should include your client fee.

Individual Client Brief Professional Comprehensive Report Feedforward advice

Please think about making your report look professional. How you would expect to deliver a report to an external client? This is very important. Also, think about the style you will use in your report. We are trying to encourage you to write or present the report as a document for an external client not as a student assignment. Consider how you put across the messages, the style and way you address the reader.
There is a lot of work and prior research to complete for this assignment, please do not leave it until the last minute to start. Think about all the
different elements that need to be planned and included within your client report, e.g. delegate invites, booking forms, directions to the venue, evaluation questionnaires, etc. When will you hold your business event? Avoid holidays, remember these are business events, therefore avoid scheduling events on the weekend.
Any communication that you are proposing to send out to potential delegates (e.g. booking forms, covering invitation letters) need to present a
business-like manner, remember you are not planning a wedding, do not make your invitations looks like a wedding invite! Finally, please make sure you are clear about the programme/agenda for any of the events. This needs to be communicated clearly in your report.

Individual Client Brief Professional Comprehensive Report for a Client Business Meeting

I have choose Client One: Business meeting:
Client One. A business meeting
Airbus is a leading aircraft manufacturer whose customer focus, commercial know-how, technological leadership and manufacturing efficiency have propelled it
to the forefront of the industry. Across all its fly-by-wire aircraft families Airbus’ unique approach ensures that aircraft share the highest possible
degree of commonality in airframes, on-board systems, cockpits and handling characteristics, which reduces significantly operating costs for airlines.
Dedicated to helping airlines enhance the profitability of their fleets, Airbus also delivers a wide range of customer services in all areas of support,
tailored to the needs of individual operators all over the world.
The company is expanding rapidly and the directors have scheduled a two day meeting to bring together key employees from around the world (USA, China, Japan, Middle East, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Washington, Beijing, Singapore and France) to discuss future plans. The meeting is scheduled for Summer 2014 and it is anticipated that 30 people will be in attendance. It is important that the meeting is held in a quiet location but one that is near good transportation links. The guests will be expected to arrive at the venue by 5pm/ 6pm on the Monday for an evening briefing and dinner followed by a full day of meetings/activities on the Tuesday. The event will draw to a close by 2pm on the Wednesday. This is a prestigious event so it is important that the venue,
food, wine etc are of a high quality.
As a responsible corporate company and industry leader, Airbus’ day-to-day operations are guided by a strong commitment to the highest ethical standards – ensuring integrity, transparency and professionalism across its operations. The directors are keen to ensure that the meeting is in line with these principles.
The budget for the event is £15,000 to include all costs apart from transportation. You have been asked to organise the event.

Individual Client Brief Professional Comprehensive Report Personal Suggestion

BEO degree Moudule Guide p8 shows Reading List, which can be used to reference.
I highly suggested you may choose the Bristol Hotel or Hilton Bristol to be the venue. Both are near Bristol International Airport, also have great transport links.
You can search for more information for these two hotel on
I choose Bristol to hold this business meeting beacuse AirBus Limited Headquarter is in Bristol. You can see there is no activity on Wednesday morning in
business meeting, we can arrange a vist to Headquarter in the UK. Also beacuse of international employees from around the world, they may arrive on Sunday, so we
may open half hotel room for guests who arrive a day earlier. All of these could be show on a timetable of a business meeting.
I also upload some files of Lecture and Seminar slides. Please go through after you read instructions and Moudule Guide. They show what should be included and considerd, such as Cheack list befor events, Budget, Timetable.
Please read Moudule Guide p13-p15, which shows how the report will be marked.

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