Individualized Educational Plan for Lamar

Individualized Educational Plan for Lamar
Individualized Educational Plan for Lamar

Individualized Educational Plan for Lamar

Step One: Explain why cooking is an excellent activity to introduce and provide hands-on math and science skills for young children.

Step Two: Search the world wide web ( Internet) and find a cooking activity geared toward young children and post the web site at the bottom of your response.

–>The cooking activity can be edible or an inedible experience

  1. A) Look below and meet Lamar

Select one of Lamar’s IEP goals from below- Click on the classmate’s posting –Then Click on Reply- Type the goal- then list how you would adapt the cooking activity for Lamar.

Questions: Answer in complete sentences along with why you need to adapt or why you don’t need to make any adjustments.

Will you need any additional materials?

Is adapted tools required? such as scissors, cups, spoons etc.

Do you need to add or delete steps in order to meet the IEP goal?

Do you need to create a rebus or use picture cards to meet the IEP goal?

Do you need to adapt the size of the group or the Teacher to child ratio?

Any other adaptions or comments.

Lamar is a 4 year old child diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. He has slightly awkward gross-motor movements and fine-motor difficulties that affect the use of her right hand. He is currently in your early childhood program and receives weekly therapy from California Children’s Services. When playing with his friends, he may need additional time to move and to complete fine-motor activities.

Below are Lamar’s Individualized Educational Plan

IEP Goal# 1: Lamar will identify and label at least 5 common actions (verbs) used during preschool routines from a field of 3 pictures

IEP Goal# 2: Lamar will follow an adult’s request to wait for his turn given materials to manipulate during the waiting period for at least 2 minutes.

IEP Goal# 3: Lamar will participate in parts of simple familiar games, songs, fingerplays or routines by doing 1-2 actions with visual cues

IEP Goal# 4: Lamar will communicate using at least 2 word, grammatically correct simple sentences to request or ask for assistance by verbalization and/or picture exchange

IEP Goal# 5: Lamar will perform at least 2 steps of a handwashing routine independently

IEP Goal# 6: Lamar will use both hands to complete a task

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