Information Professionals & Ethnic Cultures

Information Professionals & Ethnic Cultures
Information Professionals & Ethnic Cultures

Information Professionals & Ethnic Cultures

Imagine that you have to organize a workshop for your colleagues at your information organization, or at a professional conference, or other event on Information Professionals and Ethnic Cultural Minority Communities. For this assignment, select one topic or subtopic from the attached course content and prepare your PowerPoint presentation (15-20 slides) for your “imaginary” workshop. Your presentation should be based on the attached course materials. No additional research is required. The presentation must include the following:

1. A brief introduction of the topic and its importance

2. Essential definitions related to the topic

3. Current developments of the topic

4. Recommendations (one-two slides) for improvement of information services to different cultural and ethnic communities

5. Two examples about work of information organizations/professionals illustrating the discussion of the topic. You can use attached documents to find matching examples

6. Use for your presentation 5 (five) source from any of the attached documents. These sources can include articles from readings, topic chapters, videos, and other course materials from any of the course topics – you can use the sources from your Reading Reflections assignments

7. List of References in APA format 6th ed.(List of sources cited in the PPT)

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