Information Technology Infrastructure
Information Technology Infrastructure

Information Technology Infrastructure

The database design model is a representation of which schema(s)?

The requirement statement, “The new system shall comply with the data privacy provisions of HIPPA,” is what type of requirement?

Define Big Data as it relates to the consumer product markets and give an example.

For an ERP to be successful, what is required by a company before a contract is signed with the vendor?

Why do IT Infrastructure Server Services revolve around messages? What type of services are dedicated to a server?

What implications are there when software is offered as a service in a cloud computing environment? How many data centers in the cloud would an enterprise need and why?

How do goals, objectives, and business rules interrelate and differ? Give a good and a bad example of each.

How does unstructured and semi-structured data contribute to BI? Where does this data come from?

Explain why architectures are designed in layers.

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